Operating Principles

Quality: Anesi Uniforms are known for premium quality. To meet the high standards, we set for school uniforms we control all aspects of production from fabric content, weave, cutting, sewing and finishing. Quality control at key points in production ensures Anesi is providing our customers with highest quality product/uniforms. We stand behind all our products with a "No Fault" product quality guarantee.

Color Fastness

We test fabrics independently for color fastness. (Color fastness is the term to gauge how long a fabric will maintain same color) Following our washing guidelines, you can expect your uniforms to be the same color at the end of the year as they were upon your purchase.

Pilling Resistance

Pilling is when a garment develops small fiber balls on the surface of the garment. Our fabrics are treated to resist pilling through wash or wear and tear. Following our washing instructions will help further prevent pilling caused by mixed loads in the wash.


Our target is for uniforms to be outgrown before worn out. For instance boy’s pants have reinforced knees, on all styles extra attention is put on all stress points to minimize possible damage by rumbustious use. Fabric for all bottoms has been scotch guarded to reduce the chance of stains.


Comfort for your child is paramount. Starting with our fabric selection through manufacture and construction, a maximum effort is put forth to maintain an easy fit, soft garment that is designed to move will with the daily routine of schooling.


We maintain control of all the key procedures of fabric weaving and uniform production. This maintains our sizing is consistent and all within our parameters of accuracy per style. The importance here is to provide our customers with full confidence in the products they purchase from Anesi Uniforms.

We maintain control of all the key procedures of fabric weaving and uniform production. This maintains our sizing is consistent and all within our parameters of accuracy per style.

Customer Service

Customer service is available for all customer needs including, but not limited to: Sizing help, order confirmation, shipping notification with tracking number allowing the customer’s purchasing journey to be simple and effortless.

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Fair and Ethical Business Practices

We control all aspects of uniform production from the raw materials for weaving through the cut and sew. We monitor all production both domestic and international maintaining a Code of Confidence in regard to; child labor, employee health, safety issues and environmental protection. Our standards for working conditions allow us to maintain a respectful, positive, long term sustainable healthy work environment for all workers involved with Anise Uniforms.

In-house Production

Aneis Uniforms embellishments include embroidery/heat transfer production is done in-house in our centralized warehouse facility. The efficiency of embellishing every item as it is ordered gives Anesi Uniforms the ability to stock more goods as blanks ready for customization. Savings of not stocking uniforms with embellishment is passed on to the end consumer with lower costs and faster delivery.

Your Size

Our proprietary sizing software “Your Size” allows you to accurately size a student and walks you through the measuring process step by step. Entering these measurements will provide you with size factoring in average growth for the next 4 months.

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Service Center

Anesi Uniforms provides a service center as a local hub for school uniforms. One on one appointments for sizing with a trained uniform specialist are available throughout the year. Service center is available as well for return / exchange drop offs.

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