Anesi Uniforms is an independent school uniform provider headquartered out of San Diego. Serving more than 200,000 families nationwide with quality school uniforms and spirit wear. We maximize comfort & durability by using the best quality fabric and controlling all aspects of the manufacturing process. Our offerings comprise a wide range of stylish and traditional uniforms made from the finest quality fabrics catering to both schools and workplaces. Our passion lies in the customer satisfaction, at Anesi Uniforms we make the experience of purchasing uniforms logical, safe and easy.


Anesi believes uniforms are a healthy part of a school’s environment, it helps define your school in the public’s eye. A uniform program is more than just great fabric, durable styles, and comfort clothes, it is about people. We partner with your school but understand we service parents and guardians of students attending your school. Their experience of purchasing uniforms should be as satisfying for all involved as attending your school. In this regard we are continually striving to be the best.


    It is about people for Anesi Uniforms. We want your experience to be first class in every way.

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